Digital Art Museum

Tbilisi Digital Space

“Art in digital format” is a new word in both – technology and culture. In a short period of time, the innovative vision of art has been able to interest people of all ages and tastes.

The first digital art museum in Georgia was opened in 2019, and since then the space has received many visitors at various thematic exhibitions.

In the virtual world of the museum, the viewer expects four different spaces:

Main hall with video projections and mirrors
Van gogh

Works by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh are very popular among exhibitions.  Brilliant examples of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism are presented in the form of digital animated spatial images.

On the walls of the museum, there are about 60 works of the artist, including the famous: Sunflowers, Starry Night and almond blossom. The melancholy and emotion of Van Gogh’s life in the background of classical music carry the viewer to the era when Vincent worked on a starry night or sent letters to his brother Theo.

Van Gogh’s works are not the only ones you will find in the museum. The artwork called “Bedroom in Arles”, is presented as a real room that transports the viewer on a full journey to the colorful world of the artist.

The works of Gustav Klimt have been displayed in the museum for more than a year. The center of the works of the Austrian symbolist and the representative of Art Nouveau is the female body. Klimt’s mastery can be seen everywhere where he portrayed a woman with her femininity and beauty.

About 60 works of Gustav Klimt’s golden age portraits and landscapes are revived, including the author’s most famous paintings: “Kiss”, “Three Age of Woman” ,, Portrait Of Adele Bloch Bauer I ‘’, which is accompanied by emotional music that’s Creates an exciting, highly aristocratic environment.

Underwater World: 1500 meters underwater, where no sunlight can reach, where man is an alien -Unknown life, universe at the bottom of the ocean – This is a small description of a great journey.

Galaxies and Planets: A massive simulation of the universe is digitally recreating the lives of stars, planets and galaxies.

                                                                         Georgian room

Tbilisi Digital Space is an innovator not only in art, but also in the film industry. The cinema hall of the museum, presents two Georgian films, which are dubbed in with the latest technology, which is first in Georgia. The movie is shown in Screen X standard.

Georgian room Presents the work of Vazha Pshavela’s “withered Beech” with the music and graphics created specifically for this show. The digital font was taken from the great writer’s original manuscript. Georgia’s beloved actor Murman Jinoria is reading the text. The magical world you enter completely absorbs you and makes you part of the story.

The second film is based on Ilia Chavchavadze’s poem – Bazaleti Lake. The action in the film takes place in Khertvisi castle, here legends and history come to the fore, the journey to the old era also serves to recall historical facts and awaken patriotic feelings in the viewers.

Description: The little girl, who believes in legends, travels to the past. From Khertvisi Fortress he finds himself in the Tamar era, at a time when Georgians are preparing for the Battle of Basian. The girl becomes an eyewitness to ruthless battles From where she suddenly finds herself in the depths of Lake Bazaleti, where, according to legend, Queen Tamar set up a golden cradle. The girl finds that she has the ability to travel in the past with others and in this way she arouse patriotic feelings in them as well. We bring legends to you

Author of the idea and script – Tamar Mikashavidze and Lasha Khmaladze
Director – Lasha Khmaladze