Digital Art Museum

Tbilisi Digital Space

The first Digital Art Museum in Georgia is located in Tbilisi Mall and covers 500 square meters. This is a place where visual effects produce surrealistic space. Various digital and virtual installations create an unexpected and paradoxical world. The creators of Digital Art Museum offer their visitors an opportunity to escape from reality and experience the world with no limits.


The museum consists of 3 difference spaces:

Presents the work of Vazha Pshavela’s “withered Beech” with the music and graphics created specifically for this show. The digital font was taken from the great writer’s original manuscript. Georgia’s beloved actor Murman Jinoria is reading the text. The magical world you enter completely absorbs you and makes you part of the story.

The visitors enter the boundless world of light and beauty.

Eliminates the boundary between man and the nature. Flowers, butterflies, waterfalls, birds, oceans and beautiful jelly fish will take you into the virtual world of nature, absorbing our visitors into fascinating, limitless, fantasy environment like no other.  Museum spaces, artifacts, cultural treasures, rooms designed for children will captivate the viewer and reward them with an unforgettable experience.